Saturday, November 20, 2010


Taylor is in Mrs. Schimke's third grade class at Arbury Hills School in Mokena, Illinois: Were do you get all your's I da's from. I get mine from every were I go.

Tomie: I gets ideas from most everywhere, too.

Max: Your illistrating is the best of the best. Your books are finaminal!

Tomie: Thank you!

Guillermo: Can you make a new story about robots? I will write some detals you can add if you write it. The planet is calld Cyberton. The main charicters are Jazz, Bumbullbee, Star Screm, and a king named Optimis Prime and fifty more. And one day aliens come and the king says "Go in to fire mode." And the aliens fire lasers and the robots fire humen missels. And the robots win and you should deticated to Guillermo. Now go ahead and write more detals if you are gona write it.

Tomie: You have such an active imagination that I think YOU should write the story. But, thanks for your faith in me.