Sunday, November 7, 2010

Come One, Come All to the Tomie dePaola Fair!

Jane Hover and Mary Rice and the 1A children at Poly Prep in Brooklyn, New York: We are so excited about you that we have decided to host a Tomie dePaola Fair for 1A families and the second grade at Poly Prep! In class, each child will choose a favorite character from one of your books. During writing workshop, each child will take on a character's persona. On the day of the fair, each child will come to school dressed as their character, and sit at their booth encouraging parents, faculty and children to participate.

Jake: I want to be big anthony for the day.

Adam: I want to be Big Anthony for the day. I like him bekeos he olwas gets intnubul.

Zach: I rally want to dress up as cookie.

Natalie: I want to dress up as cookie.

Duke: I want to be little grunt.

Tomie: May I say that the Tomie dePaola Fair must have been THE BEST FAIR EVER?! What a great idea! Could there be more than one Big Anthony? Did Zach and Natalie want to be Cookie the cat from COOKIE'S WEEK, or did they want to dress up as cookies, such as, chocolate chip cookies?