Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Bestest!

Torivio is in Ms. Bownds's second grade class at Folsom Elementary in Prosper, Texas: My fovorite book was Meet the barkers be cause I learned two lessends. To make freinds and not shout out.

Reese: Iv ben reding your books! How many years did you be a artis. Asam! You ben reding over 40 yers. Asam! You made 200 books. I love your titels they are asam!

Tomie: I've been an artist ALL of my life. Asam!

Riley is in Mrs. Bartlett's second grade class at Folsom Elementary: Will you write more books for us? Because you are the bestest writer ever. You are the bestest author too.

Tomie: No, no, YOU'RE the bestest! Asam!