Saturday, November 20, 2010

Three Cheers for Classroom Put Ups!

Mrs. Lewis is a second grade teacher at Grapevine Elementary in Grapevine, Texas: OLIVER BUTTON IS A SISSY is so relevant with all the bullying that goes on these days. My class is working on using put ups, not put downs. That book led to a wonderful discussion on stereotypes and bullying.

Grant: Since Strega Nona and Big Anthony live in Calabria, I was wondering if Calabria is a real city in Italy.

Tomie: Calabria is a real REGION in Italy.

Ryan: My favorite book is TOM. I am so like Tommy - impatient, funny and scares everybody. I also like STREGA NONA. I'm like Big Anthony. Monkey business and drops the ball.

Tomie: You're like A LOT of the characters in my books.