Monday, November 29, 2010

Go, Bobcats!

Linda Bernhard and her bilingual third grade class at Bagdad Elementary in Leander, Texas, wrote letters and sent along with the letters class photos, a Texas t-shirt and yummy Katy Sweet Creamy Original Pecans: [My students] are THE 24 MOST AWESOME, HIGH ACHIEVING, COOPERATIVE, AND WONDERFUL BOYS AND GIRLS.

Tomie: Thanks for the letters, photos and goodies. I ate a Katy Sweet Pecan even before I read your letters. Yum!

Nataniel: Our chear is porsut of exclents respectful responsuble and relaible, bobcats prr whith praide.

Tomie: Go, Bobcats!

Karen: We really want to meet you inmeatealy. Texas is a safe place to be. Theres Bluebonnets everywhere. Kids beheve in Texas. Theres great jobs for illostrators like you. The food in Texas is juicy and delicious and more better than the food of New Hamshire. There's good barbeque in Texas. In Texas everyone will respect you. We want to tell you that we have a increadable school.

Tomie: Thank you for the fantastic invitation to visit your school, but I won't be able to accept. And, hey! The food's pretty good in New Hampshire, too. I'm glad that you have an incredible school.