Friday, November 19, 2010

Girlfriends and Freaky Books

Michele Boyum's second grade class at Fox Meadow Elementary in Scarsdale, New York, wrote.

Jordan: I love all of the books I've read. Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile is a little bit too freaky.

Tomie: Do you like freaky books?

Jonah: My favorite character is Sterga Nona. She never gets upset at Big Anthony whe he makes a mistake.

Tomie: Strega Nona is very patient. Is your mom or dad as patient as Strega Nona?

"Max your friend": How old were you when you knew that you would be an artist?

Tomie: Four years old.

Emily: 26 formea avanoo. I like the book becos when he was at the moovy theyter he yelld. I osoa like it becos the hill was geding so taoll his huwas got hiyer. Did he have a gerll frend, if he had one what was here name.

Tomie: He/I had a girlfriend in first and second grades. Her name was Jeannie Minor. By the time we were in third grade, we had drifted apart.