Saturday, November 27, 2010

Big Anthony with Punk Hair?

Mrs. Toczylowski (Mrs. T.) and Mrs. Lake's second grade classes at St. Norbert School in Florissant, Missouri, wrote.

Nailah: My favorite color is red. Because red is the color of my heart. I just got a bunkbed and this morning I almost fell of the ladder. My life is good.

Mia and several other students: Why does Pancakes for Breakfast have no words?

Tomie: PANCAKES FOR BREAKFAST is a wordless picture book. You make up the story based on what you see in the illustrations.

Brandon: Can you make Big Anthony smaller?

Tomie: If he were smaller, he wouldn't be BIG Anthony.

Kourtney: Your books inspired me a lot. Do they inspire you Tomie? That would mean a lot to me.

Tomie: My books inspire me, too.

Nathan: Can you make Big Anthony smarter?

Tomie: Big Anthony's greatest problem is that he doesn't pay attention. He isn't dumb.

Osariemen: Can you give Big Anthony a new hair do?

Natalie: Please give Big Anthony a new haircut.

Tomie: What do you suggest?
A Pompadour?
A Mohawk?
Punk Hair?
A Faux Hawk?
A Shag Haircut?
The Burr?
The Caesar Cut?
A Bowl Cut?
The Fade?
An Ivy League?
High and Tight?
A Crew Cut?
A Flat Top?
A Layered Cut?