Monday, November 8, 2010

Skeptics in Warren, Ohio

The second grade students at Lincoln K-8 School in Warren, Ohio, wrote. Bethany is the artist. She is in Mary Moyer's class.

Tomie: Bethany, is the girl on the far right your teacher? She has lovely long and curly hair.

Joseph and many of his classmates in Mrs. Pishotti's class asked the same question: Did you really have a dog named Tootsie?

Tomie: Yes.

Lexi and many of her classmates in Julie Massucci's class asked a similar question: Dear Tom, Did you really think the chicke was going to grow a tree?

Tomie: Is that so unbelievable? Yes, I believed my grandfather.

(In the book TOM, "Once Tom gave Tommy a chicken head to take home... 'If you plant it in the garden and don't disturb it for three weeks, you'll have a chicken bush.'")

Click on the drawing to get a better look.